The Trip to Berdusk

or - Finally getting out of Greenest!!

The party, returning from the Well of the Worm, decided that they have had enough of the small trading post of Greenest. They arrange to hire on as guards with merchant Chalmers Traaver, a merchant from Baldur’s Gate, traveling with a cargo of cloth and metal goods. He offers 20gp for the trip, plus 10gp hazard pay.

Lilya kisses Stevin goodbye, and invites him to visit her in Athkatla, Amn.

Jeebis reads over the mad dwarf’ Solom’s journal. He was a priest of Clangeddin, part of an adventuring/mercenary group of dwarves. They had searched for the lost city of Gauntlgrym. Clues they found indicated it was probably near the city of Neverwinter, in the North, but they were unable to find it. They then hired on to fight in a war to defend a human kingdom from marauding goblins and orcs. This was part of the war that ended up forming the Battle of Bones. He was the only survivor, and it drove him mad. After a period of time where he was mad, he recovered somewhat, and went to the city of Westgate, persuing whispers that told him where to travel. There, he found a map that would lead him to a ancient temple where he performed a ritual that opened a portal to the realm of the Worm Queen, where he was taught how to create “Worms that Walk” , and gained great power. He came back, 200 years later (though he didn’t realize it). He found his way to Greenest, where he could capture people that wouldn’t be missed (because they weren’t necessarily expected), and created Worms.

The party travels for 15 days with the merchant. On the 7th night, while it’s raining, a pair of wyverns attacks the horses. One flies away with a dead horse, but the other is trapped by Enoch’s Entangle spell. Stevin is poisoned, and nearly dies, but the party and the other guards manage to kill the wyvern. No one else is seriously harmed, thankfully.

The caravan makes it to Berdusk, entering the city through the Shortarrow Gate. They stay at the Running Stag, an excellent inn and tavern.

Stevin and Kip seek out a jeweler to sell some of their gains, and meet Shan Benbridge (who looks like Patrick Stewart), who purchases the gems found in the Well as well as a dwarven statue.

Kip and Rook go looking for some potions and weapons. They stop at Hagerl’s Bowyers, a proprietor is a large black man (who looks like Christopher Judge/Teal’c), and purchase a composite (+1) longbow for Kip. They then go to Swordspoint Hall, a shrine to Tempus, which is manned by Battle Chaplain Geraud (wears tan robes). He asks to hear Rook’s experience, and sells them some potions that he has, having been dropped off by other Tempuran’s. They also go to the Burished Blades, the proprietor Lhaeo, and sell Kip’s old shortsword , and sell some silver spearheads.

Jeebis rents space at an alchemist’s lab, and is successful in making some alchemists fire, antitoxins, and alchemists kindness.

An alchemist is looking to hire a party to recover a shipment of supplies that was hijacked enroute.

Strange lights and sounds come from an old elven ruin three days north of Berdusk

A phantom river barge sails the river Chionthar to the east of Berdusk, leaving malevolent, supernatural occurrences in its wake.


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