Tabeethalek "Tabeetha" Brightmine

A stout dwarven woman with auburn hair, bright blue eyes, and a smooth face. It is hard to tell what she is feeling by the expression on her face.


Tabeethalek “Tabeetha” Brightmine is a travelling jeweler, hailing from Citadel Adbar, who comes to Nesmé periodically to sell her wares. Generally she has has items of fine chain and silver, embedded with gems – it is rare for her to sell something without a gem in it.

Sometimes, she has an item imbued with magic that she sells, though there is no way to determine ahead of time if she will have any. She has been known to take requests, but will not guarantee that she will be able to fulfill the request, and as such, will not take a deposit, no mater how forcefully offered, for any items.

She runs The Gleaming Pearl as her storefront.

Tabeethalek "Tabeetha" Brightmine

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