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So, brief update/reminder:

You guys went out on the Evermoors hunting trolls with Harrelston. You traveled for several days, encountering orcs at one point. Then a horrible storm blew up, and rather than chance staying out in the moors under Harrelston’s Tiny Hut spell, he convinced you to make for the ruins. You did so, encountering a couple of ghouls and chokers, and then found a staircase down.

At the base of the stairs was a small dungeon complex, with many types of golems, constructs, and hideous beasts. You fought your way in, found some neat treasures after some terrible fights, and then decided discretion is the better part of valor, and fled. Unfortunately, Harrelston died, and Clem sacrificed herself in a valiant battle with a vicious spell-casting ogre, saving her comrades.

Saddened, the party beat a hasty and rapid retreat to Nesme. After disposing of some of their loot, they managed to upgrade some of Stevin‘s gear. Deciding to honor Clem’s determination to destroy the human bane weapon, they followed the directions that Willim was able to give to Faylicia, an elven artificer of his acquaintance some years back, whom he believed would be able to dispose of the weapon properly. They brought along Ryk, a ranger whom had some ties to Stevin, via the druid circle that they both were part of. Ryk, a very androgynous elf, agreed to lend his(?) muscle to their cause.

After a several day journey, during which they were ambushed by some displacer beasts, and encountered some werewolves (with bugbear and gnoll companions), they made their way to Faylicia’s compound. She was willing to treat with the party, and agreed to identify some items for them, as well as to dispose of the baneweapon they had. However, uncertainty emerges as horrible dreams fill Kilea’s mind, the night before the full moon…


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